granules for removing snow and ice

SCHNEE + EISFREI is 9 times safer and more efficient than traditional road salt. In contact with snow and ice, the heat generated by the granules melts them and provides protection against icing for 60 hours. Due to the fact that the product contains less than 5% of sodium chloride, it is a few times less harmful for the environment and animals than road salt. It does not leave persistent raid, e.g. on shoes. This product is perfect for use on pavements, roads, driveways, open terraces and flat roofs. SCHNEE + EISFREI is effective even on surfaces with high angle of inclination. It works in temperatures up to -40°C. It does not clog sewer drains. It does not destroy the natural stone, concrete and asphalt. The product should not be used on surfaces that are susceptible to corrosion.

Dosage: SCHNEE + EISFREI is a product that is economic in use, 1kg is enough to cover area of 40 m2. Dosage for using on snowy and icy surfaces depends on temperature and ice cover: from 25gr/m2 to 80gr/m2; sprinkle with e.g. plastic shoulder blade. In liquid form, dissolve from 25 to 100 grams per 1 liter of water, spread by spraying (watering can, sprinkler).